• The Fibre Show - Unravelled

    The Fibre Show - Unravelled

    7 Jun - 4 Aug 2018
    Blue Knob

    It’s that time again at Blue Knob Hall Gallery, just when we are ready to climb into our winter woollies the Gallery puts on its annual Fibre Exhibition. The title (more)

  • The Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize

    The Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize

    28 Jul - 23 Sep 2018

    The Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize is a biennial prize. Now in its 6th year the prize started as The Northern Rivers Portrait Prize, a painting and drawing prize (more)

  • Jim-Bob


    1 Aug 2018

    Jimmy Willing and Davey Bob Ramsey are Jim-Bob, two well travelled troubadours who have a right to sing the blues, not only do they have a right but they do it so (more)

  • Hatha Yoga Class

    Hatha Yoga Class

    1 Aug 2018

    Join my classes and give yourself a calmer mind, more energy, better sleep, a healthier body & a happier mood. My class is suitable for all (more)

  • Tribal Belly Dance Beginner Course

    Tribal Belly Dance Beginner Course

    1 Aug 2018

    6 week course for beginners! A fusion of traditional dance styles and known for its distinct look of coin bras/cholis, big colourful skirts and tribal jewelery, you (more)

  • Foxtrot


    1 Aug 2018

    MA, 108 mins, Israel/ Switzerland/ Germany/ France Michael and Dafna are devastated when army officials show up at their home to announce the death of their son (more)

  • Salsa & Rueda

    Salsa & Rueda

    1 Aug 2018

    Learn to dance in a fun & relaxed enviroment. The rhythm & music is exciting to move to. Meet new friends and expand your mind by being challenged.. Get warm (more)

  • Memorama Triva

    Memorama Triva

    1 Aug 2018

    Free Trivia every Wednesday night from 7.30pm (more)

  • Open Mic

    Open Mic

    1 Aug 2018

    Each Wednesday during session we invite you to take the stage and show us what you’ve got! Whatever you do, we want you to perform! It doesn’t matter if you are (more)

  • Nimbin Farmers Market

    Nimbin Farmers Market

    1 Aug 2018

    The Nimbin Farmers' Market is a great opportunity to buy fresh produce with very limited food miles, including bread, meat, vegetables, tofu, cheeses, and other (more)

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