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Nimbin Pizza & Trattoria
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Nimbin Pizza & Trattoria

2/70 Cullen St, Nimbin
02 6689 1427
business hours:
Mon to Sun: 5pm - 9pm
Sat & Sun: from 12.30pm

Traditional Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria “Trat•to•ri•a” - An Italian Restaurant, especially one that is simple in style! Elena and Peter Wise started Nimbin Pizza from a humble home-based kitchen (in Gungas Rd, Nimbin) back in November 1991 as a home-delivery pizza service for the people of Nimbin.
In 1992 the business moved to its current location (ex Rainbow Power Company). This brought together the talents of Elena’s ‘mama’ renowned chef Josephine, third generation restaurateur 'La Rosetta' of Taranto, Italy and 'Mama Maria’s' of Kings Cross, Sydney and her ‘papa’ Franco Cassiano to add their al-la-carte cuisine and passion for food and entertainment to the Pizzeria creating an authentic and dynamic Italian menu selection.
The restaurant continues to thrive today and has proven to be an institution that provides consistent quality of food, service and atmosphere for locals and visitors of Nimbin.

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