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Sundala Health
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Sundala Health

79 Keen St, Lismore
02 6621 9591
business hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm

Closed Sunday and public holidays

At Sundala Health Centre you can find healthy, natural and organic healing solutions for your family. Our health shop includes a wealth of natural and organic skin care products, we have healthy eco cleaning products, toxin free baby products, and men's health products plus a load of natural and organic goodies to keep your family home healthy & safe.
In our dispensary we have homeopathic remedies and kits to help you survive the most challenging situations. We also have an extensive herbal dispensary of both liquid herbal tinctures and dried herbs plus we have a large range of practitioner only products including herbal, vitamin & mineral and nutritional remedies to help provide you with the best support for your healthy lifestyle. We also have a wonderful range of Australian flower essences and Bach flower remedies to help guide you through your life's adventures.
Our naturopathic clinic offers you personalised health and healing consultation services second to none. We use state of the art health equipment combined with ancient healing practices to provide focused health and healing support to help you to achieve your health goals. A consultation in our naturopathic clinic will include advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle, plus various herbal, nutritional or homeopathic remedies specific for your condition.
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