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Kestrel Business Assist
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Kestrel Business Assist

P.O. Box 1317 Lismore
0408 882 934

I provide support and ideas to small Business.
When a client originally seeks me out, they are not always sure how I can help. Usually they are a a crossroads of sort, looking for directions which way to go. Sometimes they have so much in front of them they just stay in the one spot waving their arms in circles. 
I listen to their predicament, hear what they have to say and help them to understand their problems. 
My service is an ongoing one providing support face to face, online and through mobile and email as required. I like to contribute, to make a difference.
I am not an accountant - nor am I a solicitor.
I have over 1000 hours invoiced as a Business Mentor focussing on Small and Micro Businesses.
I have 30 years experience in the corporate world. Working initially in Sales and Sales Management I became the State Manager of a B2B wholesaler in Queensland, generating $23million per annum.
I have an incredible range of experience and have an excellent ability to identify where people are having difficulties and help them to fight through. 
For $120 per month, I can provide guidance through an hour session face to face or online.

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