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Cranio Sacral Balancing

Bentley, Kyogle, Lismore
0466 877 622
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The Cranio Sacral Pulse is created by the movement of fluid that surrounds the brain, spinal cord and skeleton. It’s a wave-like motion, similar to the ocean tide.
A Cranio Sacral Practitioner precisely and gently eases restrictions on the bones, membranes and soft tissues, restoring freedom of motion and enhancing the body’s self-healing abilities.
For people & animals: Cranio Sacral Balancing is effective for many conditions affecting animals: arthritis, spine, neck & head injuries including traumas. Hind end injuries/lameness, TMJ/jaw pain (Temporal-Mandibular joint dysfunction), pre/post surgery, chronic joint and spine pain & cancer. Hip dysplasia, lyme disease, systemic disorders, post-surgical recovery, nerve irritations, blocked tear ducts, laryngeal paralysis, behaviour, eating & emotional problems. It is soothing for aging & older animals. Cranio Sacral Therapy helps restore a balance between fight/flight and rest/digest responses of the central nervous system. It is very effective on overall well being and helps for so much more.
Cost: $80 per session (1.5 hours)
Animals: $50 (about one hour)

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