Bowen Energy Work

Nimbin Apothecary, 54 Cullen Street, Nimbin
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Bowen Energy Work
Bowen Energy Work

I recently moved from Sydney, for a better lifestyle. I bring with me 17 years of experience in Bowen Therapy, Emmett Technique, and I'm a Reiki Master.

Bowen Therapy and Emmett are both very gentle treatments; I work on the fascia, which allows the body to release long held tension, activiates lymphatic draininage and helps to relieve pain and stress. It also gives the body the opportunity to heal and realign itself, with no manipulation at all, and it is performed fully clothed.

I have helped conditions such as neck, shoulder and hip pain, joint pain, migraine, jaw pain, vertigo, plantar fasciitis, and much more.

I can also help you if you have Parkinson's disease, or other neurological disorders.

Babies can benefit as well, if they suffer with colic, irritability or trauma after the birth.

You can always contact me for a chat to discuss your condition.


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