Cozmic Candles

PO Box 379, Nimbin
02 6689 7450

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Cozmic Candles

Cozmic Candles is a creative and unique candle making intuitive business, that offers completely 'hand made' Candles from start to finish, without the use of any mechanical devices at all.

Upon not being able to find 'unique, upbeat & fun' type of candles, all of those 21 years ago, I decided to create my own, & still do! Now I am offering them to you aswell.

All Cozmic Candles are created with 'fully refined paraffin wax & lead free wick, and all 'individually' created with love and intent.

Being nestled deeply within the sub-trobpical rainforest of Northern NSW is where the beautiful 'creative studio space' exists with butterflies and birds frequently visiting.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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