Earth Oven Wood Fired Pizza

104 Keen St, Lismore
02 6622 4222
business hours:
Tue-Sat: 5pm-9pm

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Earth Oven Wood Fired Pizza

Put simply, we love pizza. But not just any pizza! There’s something very special about wood fired pizza. The freshness, the flavours, the process of tending the flame and then of sharing it’s delicious bounty with others, with you!

That’s what we love the most.

Pictures can’t tell you how good our Pizza’s taste, but maybe if you look at the faces of the people who eat our pizzas, you’ll get some idea of what you’re in for when it’s your turn to hold one of your very own.

Safe to say you won’t be holding it long, ‘till you reach for the next bit and wonder how you’ll ever be able to stop.


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