Green Man Garden Project

Billen Rd, Georgica
0418 974 187

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Green Man Garden Project
Green Man Garden Project
Green Man Garden Project
Green Man Garden Project

Green Man Garden Project focuses on providing a quality product and service available to everybody. In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and stabilise local economy, all supplies and materials are entirely produced in our local area.

Building materials are salvaged from around the local area and recycled to build all our garden models.

Gardens are hand assembled and constructed, giving each individual attention to quality and character.

Our special growing medium is Australian Certified Organic. The soil blend is carefully balanced at a 6.5 PH for optimum seedling growth.

Seasonal vegetable seedlings are also Australian Certified Organic, grown from heirloom seed, in the Northern Rivers region of Australia.

Organic mulch is layered thickly on top of each garden bed providing a perfect moisture retainer and weed deterrent. This wonderful sugar cane mulch is also certified organic.

The Green Man recognises that watering can be a very time consuming chore for some gardeners and thus offers a range of watering systems available with all garden models.


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