Lismore Model Flying Club

Lismore Airfield Military Rd, Lismore  
02 6662 5938
business hours:
Open 7 days from 9am
Regular flying days Wednesday afternoon, Saturday & Sunday.

Lismore Model Flying Club

Operating all forms of model aircraft, flying from field at bottom of Military Road. Authorised instructors available, full public liability insurance for members. Toilet on site.

Flying Protocol
We fly under certain protocol and restrictions. These protocol pertain to safety requirements and to the need to be sensitive to the nearby urban environments. If you are intending to fly from our airfield, please familiarise yourself with them.

  • You may start fuel-powered models after 9am. Electrics and gliders can be flown from dawn onwards.
  • Pilots are not to fly their aircraft over the clubhouse, the car park or the pits area.
  • Pilots should stand within the confines of the pilot-box while flying their aircraft.
  • Directly to the north of the flying field are two football fields. These fields are often used for weekend competitions. Do not fly your aircraft over these fields or their amenities.
  • Less than a kilometer to the west-nor-west of our field is a school. Do not allow your aircraft to approach or over-fly the school.
  • The sweep of land north-east of the field, through east and south, and to the south-west, is a series of vast open meadows. You are welcome to fly over these areas.
  • Our flying field is close to a large regional airport. Regular public transport aircraft operate a number of daily flights to Sydney from this airport and these aircraft are often flying a down-wind landing leg over our field. Accordingly, we fly with a height restriction of 500 feet. Be aware that general aviation aircraft and ultra-lights on their down-wind leg into Lismore airport occasionally pass over our field at less than 500 feet. These aircraft must always be allowed right-of-way.
  • We use the Silvertone frequency board. Visiting pilots must be familiar with this system.


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