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Siren & Sailor
Siren & Sailor

Siren and Sailor is a label that draws its inspiration from days gone by where sailors dreamed of land and beautiful women. Impeccably dressed in their uniforms, mermaids and pin up girls adorned their forearms, a reminder of what awaited them at the end of the war. Women were impeccably groomed to bombshell perfection, for that moment their true love put his foot ashore.
We design to compliment all shapes and sizes. Bringing back the feminine silhouette, we love curves! Great and small we aim to flatter every shape and think all women deserve to feel sexy. Not just sizes 8-12. We pay homage to them all. We love classic shapes that accentuate the body.
Our designs are chosen to enhance the vintage beauty within all modern women and to inspire the dapper days of old in men.
We aspire to bringing you unique bold statement prints, which we hand design alone and in collaboration with our talented and artistic friends. Wonder through our collection and you will find something to reflect your own unique beauty..

Check out our Pinterest link for the inspirations behind our designs.


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