Traditional Chinese Medicine

4/66 Cullen St, Nimbin (rear of real estate)
0431 958 443
business hours:
Tue-Fri (by appointment)

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Melissa has been in clinical practice for over 15 years - in the modalities of TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, cupping, herbs, dietary therapy...); Massage Therapy (remedial, deep tissue, tui na); and Reflexology (feet and hand reflex therapy). She has wide experience and a broad skill range to help nearly any acute or chronic health issue - be that musculo-skeletal, respiratory, digestive, dermatological, menstruation and fertility, mental/emotional, post-viral/general unwellness, addictions, weight issues...

By looking at an individual and their particular pattern of disharmony/imbalance, both signs and symptoms and (importantly) the causal factors (acute, chronic, seasonal, environmental, trauma etc) are addressed - leading to a more effective and complete treatment. Melissa is happy to answer any queries with regards to your health concerns and which therapy may be of benefit in restoring your body's (innate) balance.

Adv Dip HSc (Acup), Dip Rem Massage, Dip Reflexology


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