Vistara Primary School

41 Richmond Hill Rd, Richmond Hill, Lismore
02 6624 4127

Vistara Primary School

Vistara Primary School was established in 1987 and is a not for profit Independent Primary School. The school is nestled in beautiful rural surrounds of Richmond Hill, 7 kms from Lismore NSW, also known as Bundjalung Nation.

The guiding philosophy of Ananda Marga Schools is Neo Humanist Education and was founded by P.R. Sarkar (1921-1990), a visionary. Neo Humanist Education is the philosophy of the innate oneness of all things. Studying about the Web of Life helps us to understand the interconnecting between self, others and the natural environment.

Vistara’s approach to education aims to develop each student’s potential, catering for different styles of learning.  The school provides an enriching learning environment with activities that are motivating, interesting and challenging enough to allow students to experience a sense of success and instil an appreciation of lifelong learning.


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