• Blinman Slag :: Grayson Cooke

    Blinman Slag :: Grayson Cooke

    1 Feb - 5 Apr 2020

    Blinman Slag is an art/science exploration of mining slag waste from the Blinman Copper Mine in the Northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Examining slag from (more)

  • Media Studies :: Bennett Miller

    Media Studies :: Bennett Miller

    1 Feb - 5 Apr 2020

    Media Studies continues Western Australian artist Bennett Miller’s ongoing thematic interests in human behaviour and in particular the many complicated (more)

  • RocoColonial


    15 Feb - 19 Apr 2020

    Featuring artists: Brook Andrew, Tony Clark, Peter Cooley, Geoffrey Hannah, Deborah Kelly, Belem Lett, Jennifer Leahy, Danie Mellor, Marc Newson, Técha Noble & (more)

  • ENRICHing Survivorship

    ENRICHing Survivorship

    20 Feb - 9 Apr 2020

    Join the Cancer Council ENRICHing Survivorship program for cancer survivors and their carers coming to Lismore. An eight week program occuring Thursday mornings (more)

  • Educating Rita

    Educating Rita

    20 Mar - 4 Apr 2020

    Educating Rita, live theatre production by Lismore Theatre Co. 1980 award winning play written by Willy Russell, this production is directed by David Addenbrooke and (more)

  • Ballet & Creative Movement (ages 5-9)

    Ballet & Creative Movement (ages 5-9)

    1 Apr 2020

    This class introduces children to creative movement and expression while introducing the fundamentals of ballet technique. The creative format of the class focuses (more)

  • The Wonders of the Hannah Cabinet

    The Wonders of the Hannah Cabinet

    1 Apr 2020

    Geoff Hannah and/or his students present the wonders of his master craftsmanship at Lismore Regional Gallery, where the Hannah Cabinet is on permanent display (more)

  • Nimbin Farmers Market

    Nimbin Farmers Market

    1 Apr 2020

    The Nimbin Farmers' Market is a great opportunity to buy fresh produce with very limited food miles, including bread, meat, vegetables, tofu, cheeses, and other (more)

  • Contemporary Dance & Creative Movement (ages 10-17)

    Contemporary Dance & Creative Movement (ages 10-17)

    1 Apr 2020

    This class focuses on spatial and social awareness while learning contemporary and modern dance technique, imagery, creative self-expression, and a greater sense of (more)

  • Adult Ballet

    Adult Ballet

    1 Apr 2020

    This class introduces the fundamentals of ballet technique while appreciating and experiencing the beauty of this classical art from.  You will be welcomed into an (more)

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