22 August - 1 November 2020
Wed to Fri: 10am to 4pm; Sat & Sun: 10am to 2pm
Free Event
Lismore Regional Gallery
11 Rural St, Lismore
02 6627 4600

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Language of the Wounded is an exhibition of powerful new work by Penny Evans. Referencing bones or keloid scars, Penny’s ceramic wall installation explores a system of signs, an hieroglyphics-like language strewn across the gallery wall.

Each piece is striated and scarred exploring the widespread traditional practices in Australia of body scarification like a history inscribed on the body, where each deliberately placed scar tells a story of pain, endurance, identity, status, beauty, courage, sorrow and grief.

Evolving from the designs and patterns Penny has explored for many years in the decorative aspect of her ceramics practice, these new works reference dispossessed ancestors fallen during frontier conflicts, the billions of our native animals who perished as a consequence of multiple environmental disasters in recent years and intergenerationally traumatised peoples from everywhere.

The work also creates a rhythm of cultural forms that evokes cultural connectedness, a cadence that lies at the very heart of our country.


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