My Days of Glory

7-10 March 2021
Sun: 2:30pm & 5.30pm; Wed 3.30pm & 6:30pm
Fixed Price: Adult $15, Concession $13, Members $10
Star Court Theatre
Star Court Arcade126 Molesworth St, Lismore

The wry and engaging comedy debut from Antoine de Bary, loosely inspired by his own family, MY DAYS OF GLORY tells the a story of a former child star whose life’s in a downward spiral as he approaches thirty, taking influence not only from the 60’s New Wave but the shaggy-dog indies of Gen-X USA.

In a welcome return to his comedic roots, Vincent Lacoste (Amanda, Sorry Angel, Room 212) stars as Adrien, the definition of an anti-hero: self-absorbed, unemployed and sponging shamelessly off his parents. A promising career as an actor in his youth has led to virtually nothing since; he bounces from audition to audition, barely getting by with finely-honed sarcasm skills and a severe case of denial.


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