community consultation

1 January 1970

Lismore City Council has been calling on businesses to help shape the Lismore LGA’s new Economic Development Strategy, including Nimbin village.The Nimbin community consultation was held at the Birth and Beyond in Cullen Street and was well attended with over 30 local business people and residents, with feedback including some great ideas that could be incorporated into the new strategy.

Council’s Economic Development Manager Tina Irish said the strategy would identify ways to support sustainable growth of Lismore LGA’s existing industries and services, and encourage the development of new ones over the coming decades.

 “We had lots of comments about the need to cut unnecessary red tape and put in place simpler processes to encourage business growth and development – so that’s a message we need to hear and take action on,” Tina said.

 “In Nimbin, people were keen to see beautification of the main street, a greater diversity of local businesses within the village, night markets and more evening activity, art precincts, and better tourist trails. People also wanted renewable energy to be used in any new improvements and more trees for the village. There is lots of feedback to collate and review in order to develop the Economic Development Strategy. It’s great to have so much substance and so many great ideas to work with.”


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