Workshops & Classes


  • Spinning workshop

    Spinning workshop

    16 Sep 2019

    This Fibre Arts workshop is held every 3rd Monday of the month and focuses on spinning wheels, fine fibres, locally grown organic cotton, silk and cashmere. Drop (more)

  • French Cafe Conversation

    French Cafe Conversation

    16 Sep 2019

    French Cafe Conversation with Melissa, FREE guided conversation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Buy a drink and chat in French (more)

  • Building with weeds workshop

    Building with weeds workshop

    17 Sep 2019

    We will be using a variety of common local weeds in the 'crete' mix to make building panels. Make 'particle board' panels with lantana, devil's fig and wild tobacco (more)

  • Cuban social dance classes

    Cuban social dance classes

    17 Sep 2019

    Cuban Tuesdays in the upstairs lounge for social dance classes with Heather and Martin. Three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) to cater for all. No partner (more)

  • Yoga Journeys for Kids Class ages 5-9yrs

    Yoga Journeys for Kids Class ages 5-9yrs

    18 Sep 2019

    We'll take the kids on a yoga journey using a fusion of yoga, acrobatics, dance, drama, adventure and fun! Each week a different theme, be it The African jungle, (more)

  • raise the roof choir

    raise the roof choir

    18 Sep 2019
    The Channon

    Welcome to Raise the Roof, where everyone is welcome to come and throw themselves into the joy of singing. We sing gospel music from the African American tradition, (more)

  • Salsa & Rueda

    Salsa & Rueda

    18 Sep 2019

    Learn to dance in a fun & relaxed enviroment. The rhythm & music is exciting to move to. Meet new friends and expand your mind by being challenged. Get warm (more)

  • Big Scrub Rainforest Day

    Big Scrub Rainforest Day

    19-22 Sep 2019
    Northern Rivers

    Join in over 15 activities across 4 days in idyllic locations learning about our critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest ‘the Big Scrub’ and its (more)

  • Dancemandala Conscious Dance

    Dancemandala Conscious Dance

    20 Sep 2019

    Dancemandala is a moving meditation that encourages natural and authentic self-expression, re-connection to one's core essence, creative lifeforce, expanded (more)

  • Lismore Art Club Turorial

    Lismore Art Club Turorial

    21 Sep 2019

    Lismore Art Club, meets every third Saturday of the month, our group work on visual Art in a friendly supportive environment. Members get together to share their (more)

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