Friends of the Koala Hospital

23 Rifle Range Rd, Lismore
02 6621 4664
business hours:
Mon-Thurs: 2pm for a max. of 6 people per tour. Please book by calling the office on 02 6621 4664.

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Friends of the Koala Hospital

The Lismore region has one of the highest populations of koalas in NSW. It is not unusual for people to have koalas roaming through their backyards. Nevertheless, the pressures of disease, habitat loss and degradation, road traffic and dog attacks are inflecting a heavy toll.

Lismore - based Friends of the Koala has cared for thousands of Koalas from across the Northern Rivers region for over 20 years. Most of these Koalas have spent some part of their rehabilitation in the group's Koala Hospital, itself situated in an established Koala corridor in Rifle Range Road, East Lismore.
An entirely voluntary organisation.

We also operate a native plant nursery, located behind our Koala Care and Rescue Centre, and sell koala food trees for $1 each to land holders in the Northern Rivers Region where koalas reside.

You can contact the 24 hour Koala Rescue Hotline on 02 6622 1233 if you find a sick, injured or orphaned koala immediately.


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