• Educating Rita

    Educating Rita

    20 Mar - 4 Apr 2020

    Educating Rita, live theatre production by Lismore Theatre Co. 1980 award winning play written by Willy Russell, this production is directed by David Addenbrooke and (more)

  • Nimbin Farmers Market

    Nimbin Farmers Market

    1 Apr 2020

    The Nimbin Farmers' Market is a great opportunity to buy fresh produce with very limited food miles, including bread, meat, vegetables, tofu, cheeses, and other (more)

  • Not Quite Folk Jam Night

    Not Quite Folk Jam Night

    1 Apr 2020

    Not Quite Folk is hosted by Phil Levy from the ‘Romaniacs’.  It is held on the first Wednesday of every month (more)

  • The Wonders of the Hannah Cabinet

    The Wonders of the Hannah Cabinet

    1 Apr 2020

    Geoff Hannah and/or his students present the wonders of his master craftsmanship every Wednesday at Lismore Regional Gallery (more)

  • Stained Glass Beginners Course

    Stained Glass Beginners Course

    1 Apr 2020

    Start your glass art journey with this beginners copper foil course or use this course as a refresher. This course will help to build your confidence and skill sets (more)

  • Quizza Me Game Show

    Quizza Me Game Show

    1 Apr 2020

    Brand new, interactive trivia Quizzame Game Show Quiz will be taking place in front floor room.Your knowledge doesn’t have to be at genius level to (more)

  • raise the roof choir

    raise the roof choir

    1 Apr 2020
    The Channon

    Welcome to Raise the Roof, where everyone is welcome to come and throw themselves into the joy of singing. We sing gospel music from the African American tradition, (more)

  • hatha yoga with michael O'conner

    hatha yoga with michael O'conner

    1 Apr 2020

    Michael teaches a mindful Hatha yoga class, combining breathing exercises, standing and reclining poses and relaxation techniques. His yoga therapy knowledge make (more)

  • Jim-Bob


    1 Apr 2020

    Jimmy Willing and Davey Bob Ramsey are Jim-Bob, two well travelled troubadours who have a right to sing the blues, not only do they have a right but they do it so (more)

  • word play spoken word open mic

    word play spoken word open mic

    1 Apr 2020

    A Call to all Poets and Song-writes, stargazers and ponderers, writers and non-writers, the romantic to the comedic, the inner duck, dog or simple human... Whether (more)

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