• Yoga

  • Nimbin Apothecary

    Nimbin Apothecary


    Nimbin Apothecary is Nimbin’s only herbal dispensary, offering affordable over the counter professional health care advice. They specialise in individually (more)

  • Yoga with Maz

    Yoga with Maz


    Join Maz for HATHA/VINYASA & YIN Yoga. VINYASA is the Sanskrit word for "flow".  VINYASA classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive (more)

  • Dharma Centre & Medicinal Gardens

    Dharma Centre & Medicinal Gardens


    The teachers at Dharma Centre have been running Classical Hatha Yoga classes for the last two years. Cameron is a highly experienced teacher of more than 27 (more)

  • Yoga with Michael

    Yoga with Michael


    Join my classes and give yourself a calmer mind, more energy, better sleep, a healthier body & a happier mood. Everyone is welcome, (more)

  • Yoga with Sankalpa

    Yoga with Sankalpa


    Join Sankalpa for Yoga on Wednesdays from 6.45am to  8.15am for $10 at Birth and Beyond (behind Nimbin Apothecary (more)

  • Yoga Nidra & Gentle Asana with James

    Yoga Nidra & Gentle Asana with James


    Yoga Nidra is a potent technique for rejuvenation, personal sustainability and self discovery. Providing deep physical, mental and emotional rest and (more)

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