• The Fifth Element- 20th Anniversary screening

    The Fifth Element- 20th Anniversary screening

    25 Aug 2017

    The Fifth Element comes flying back into cinemas in 2017 with a newly restored 4K digital print to celebrate its 20th birthday In the colourful future, a cab driver (more)

  • Esteem. Doco and Q&A with John Seed.

    Esteem. Doco and Q&A with John Seed.

    25 Aug 2017

    We have some seriously cute locals! Australian filmmaker Peter Charles Downey takes us on a personal and cathartic journey of empowerment, redemption, and powerfully (more)

  • The Man From Snowy River- Fundraiser for Penny

    The Man From Snowy River- Fundraiser for Penny

    26 Aug 2017

    After the death of his father, proud young Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) sets out to become his own man. Taking a job with horse rancher Harrison (Kirk Douglas), Craig (more)

  • 'Hounds of Love'

    'Hounds of Love'

    27 Aug 2017

    MA, 108 mins, Australia In suburban Perth during the mid 1980s, people are unaware that women are disappearing at the hands of serial killer couple John and Evelyn (more)


  • 'The Sense of an Ending'

    'The Sense of an Ending'

    3 Sep 2017

    M, 108 mins, UK Tony Webster (Broadbent) leads a reclusive and quiet existence until long buried secrets from his past force him to face the flawed recollections of (more)

  • 'Their Finest'

    'Their Finest'

    10 Sep 2017

    M, 117 mins, UK/ Sweden English language A former secretary, newly appointed as a scriptwriter for propaganda films, joins the cast and crew of a major production (more)

  • Birthrights by David Williamson

    Birthrights by David Williamson

    15-24 Sep 2017

    David Williamson has long been one of Australia’s most popular playwrights. Birthrights explores the emotional topic of surrogacy through the lives of two sisters (more)

  • Savage Coast with Q & A

    Savage Coast with Q & A

    15 Sep 2017

    Savage Coast – Historic Arctic adventure film. Fundraiser for the Oceanic Research Institute Australian International Climate Research Expeditions. A brilliant (more)

  • Reel Abrupt Film Festival

    Reel Abrupt Film Festival

    16 Sep 2017

     Reel Abrupt Film Festival is proud to announce that we have partnered with Lismore City Council to bring you the third RAFF event. In association with the Loft (more)

  • Things to Come

    Things to Come

    17 Sep 2017

    Nathalie (2017 Golden Globe-winner Isabelle Huppert) teaches philosophy at a college in Paris. She’s passionate about her work and particularly enjoys passing (more)

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