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Michael Balderstone spent over a decade wandering this awesome planet before he rented a shop in the middle of the then quiet village and filled it with stuff from the tip and called it Nimbin Museum. Eventually, as visitor numbers increased, he turned the junk into a Museum in an effort to communicate his vision of a life lived in harmony with each other and the Earth.

Sadly, on August 13 in 2014 a fire destroyed the Nimbin Museum and the adjoining buildings.

The Nimbin Museum, painted by some of Nimbin’s best mural artists, was an interpretive and expressionistic museum that packed an eclectic collection of local art into a modest space. The artistic expression at communicating to visitors what the hippie vision was all about and had to be seen to be believed. The journey took you through eight rooms along a Rainbow Serpent path through a million years of Nimbin’s history. Starting with an Aboriginal Dreaming of the Creation, followed by the local dinosaurs, Bundjalung people, European pioneers who cut down most of the forests, to the hippies arriving to let the trees grow back.


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