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Lismore’s cultural diversity, idyllic climate and spectacular landscape has attracted and inspired creative innovators from all around the globe. The result is a dynamic and eclectic mix, with an extraordinary output of traditional, and alternative arts.

There are probably more actors, buskers, dancers, divas, film-makers, musicians, painters, potters and performers per capita than anywhere else in the country. You’ll find their work on display at weekend markets, galleries, cafes, pubs and venues throughout the region.

back alley gallery

A visit to Lismore is not complete without a walk through the ‘Back Alley Gallery’. The back lanes of the Lismore City Centre have been transformed into a spectacular, larger-than-life gallery by talented local, national and international street artists (more)

historic interest walk

Visit Lismore’s Historical Society Museum to view relics of a bygone era. Take a stroll along the unique outdoor museum of the Wilsons River Experience Walk. Wander around the city’s Historic Interest Walk for a snapshot of Lismore’s quirky and colourful history (more)

festivals + events

Lismore’s annual calendar is a smörgåsbord of fantastic festivals and events celebrating our rich, vibrant culture. These events are as diverse as the region itself. From sports, food and lanterns to music, arts and agriculture, there is always something to celebrate (more)

art + exhibitions

The output of the region’s busy creative community can be viewed (and purchased!) in Lismore’s many boutique galleries. The Lismore Regional Gallery, the City’s visual arts epicentre, showcases local and national ideas and creativity ‘through a distinctive and innovative program of exhibitions and events (more)

colourful community

Lismore is a family-friendly area and a great place to bring up kids. Lismore is characterised by tolerance, ready acceptance of new ideas and a sense of pride in belonging to an incredibly rich and varied community. There’s a place for everyone: business people, artists and musicians, farmers and orchardists, students and academics, hipsters, tree-changers, tradies, nurses and medicos (more)

arts + vintage + retro guide

Dotted throughout the City of Lismore you’ll find many local studios and galleries showcasing the impressive work of our local artists, including the Lismore Regional Gallery offering energetic and thought provoking exhibitions year round. Discover many quaint galleries in the surrounding hinterland and villages (more)

galleries + studios

Explore the many galleries + studios dotted throughout the region. You can pick up a copy of the Arts + Vintage + Retro Guide at a local visitor information centre or download a copy from brochures + maps here (more)

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