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back alley gallery

Eggins Lane, Lismore
A visit to Lismore is not complete without a walk through the ‘Back Alley Gallery’. The back lanes of the Lismore City Centre have been transformed into a spectacular, larger-than-life gallery by talented local, national and international street artists

Driven by local artist project manager Nathan Eyres, along with Lismore's City Centre Manager,  the project features no less than 5 major artworks covering entire walls, plus 14 smaller pieces and nearly 50 ‘paste-ups’. The laneway art gallery is enlivened by small stencils and other tiny ‘gems’ that catch the eye.

nimbin murals

Nimbin Village
The internationally famous village of Nimbin is an absolute must. The intriguing, quirky and unique mural streetscape is spectacular featuring indigenous, rainforest and psychedelic facades and colourful local characters.

The colourful shopfront murals along Cullen St create the perfect backdrop for the daily show of unscripted theatre. There are plenty of places to browse, craft shops, galleries, retail outlets, or just sit back, enjoy a meal or coffee and watch the passing parade.

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