In 1973 the Aquarius Festival, a cultural gathering of like-minded people held in Nimbin, changed the small village, and the surrounding region, forever. A ten-day music, art and cultural gathering of like-minded people who were at the forefront of the counterculture and alternative lifestyles movement in Australia, the Festival event planted the seeds for a new culture to emerge, a culture which valued and embodied many principles of sustainability. Unified by their passion for environmental conservation, sustainability, harmony and freedom, many of those who came to Nimbin for the festival stayed on, purchasing cheap land and setting up communal living arrangements on large, shared properties. That tradition and those values survive to this day and serve to make Nimbin the special place that it is.

intentional communities

Intentional Communities – Nimbin is a community of communities. Nestled in the hills and mountains around the villages are tens of multiple occupancy communities such as Tuntable Community and Blue Springs. They are all different yet share a unique philosophy of sharing land and living in common that was spearheaded by the hippies who arrived in Nimbin in the 1970’s (more)

sustainability plan

The Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan is a dynamic, living plan under which many outcomes have been achieved since it was first developed by the community in 2009. At least 400 people have had input into the development of the SNCP to date, and many more have been involved in its implementation (more)


Nimbin is one of the most active permaculture communities in the world. The village has several schools where people form all around the world come to study the theory and practice as well as many individuals who practice this type of agriculture principles on their properties and farms (more)

community disaster plan

Rainbow Road is a dream long in the making. A partnership between the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, Nimbin Community Centre Inc., Lismore City Council and various government agencies, the vision is for construction of a high standard and regionally significant walking track. Stage 1 of Rainbow Road is a 1.1 km walking track to be built to Australian Walking Track Standards (more)

sustainable technologies

Installation of the solar component of the system was completed by Rainbow Power Company in late 2018. The system is being housed in Birth & Beyond (a property owned by NCCI at 54 Cullen St, Nimbin) and is designed to cope with low sunlight periods (more)

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