nature walks

Explore the lush subtropical rainforests and beautiful waterfalls of the World-Heritage Listed National Parks, formed from the Wollumbin shield volcano over 20 million years ago. For more information on the national parks see the national parks page.

mt nardi - mt matheson loop - nightcap naptional park

nature walks

(3km, 1.5hrs, easy-moderate)

Originating at Mt Nardi, the Mt Matheson Loop heads out through the lush rainforest encircling Mt Matheson. Drier vegetation communities are found near cliff edges. The Pholis Gap and Historic Nightcap tracks split off from this walk.

mt nardi - pholis gap - nightcap national park

nature walks

(4km return, 1.5hrs, moderate)

The track was named after Athol Pholi who was killed by a tree fall while working in the area. Beginning at Mt Nardi the track meanders through rainforest for a kilometre before splitting off the Mt Matheson Loop and descending towards the escarpment edge. (more)

Terania Creek - Protesters Falls - nightcap national park

nature walks

(1.4km return, 45min, easy)

Visit Protesters Falls at Terania Creek Picnic Area. This easy walk winds its way through Bangalow Palms to the base of the falls. Swimming is not permitted in the area as it is home to the endangered Fleay’s Barred Frog.

Minyon Falls - Boggy Creek - nightcap national park

nature walks

(2km one way, 45min, easy)

Starting at Rummery Park, this track leads to Minyon Falls along beautiful Boggy Creek. The track starts in Blackbutt forest and includes a series of small waterfalls and pools along the quiet creek.

minyon falls - minyon loop - nightcap national park

nature walks

(7.5km return, 4.5hrs, moderate - hard)

Beginning at either Minyon Grass or Minyon Falls picnic areas this walk takes visitors through changing vegetation to the base of the falls past a large unlogged Brushbox stand and along the escarpment edge. (more)

border loop walk - border ranges

nature walks

(1.2km, 30min, easy)

The circuit track leaves from the Border Loop lookout and picnic area, taking you on a short walk through a canopy of World Heritage-listed rainforest. (more)

falcorostrum loop - border ranges

nature walks

(0.75km, 30min, easy)

This walk winds its way through one of the largest stands of Antarctic Beech in the park. Falcorostrum Orchids are seen clinging to the trunks and branches of these ancient trees, the only place they’re found. (more)

palm forest walk - border ranges

nature walks

(2km, 1hr, moderate)

Walk through rainforest and eucalypt forest near Sheepstation Creek Camping Area to Brushbox Falls. This track follows the line of an old bullock trail and logging road. (more)

bar mt circuit - border ranges

nature walks

(3.5km, 3hrs, moderate)

The easy Bar Mountain circuit is a beautiful walk that winds its way down the ridge towards the western escarpment. (more)

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