nimbin soundtrails

live + work + play

The Nimbin Soundtrail is an immersive audio experience of place and community, featuring 18 story sites, throughout Nimbin village.

nimbin soundtrails


When Nimbin agreed to host the 1973 Aquarius Festival, the influx of university students and hippies changed the small dairy community forever. A 10-day ‘festival without a program’ was proposed where people lived in ‘an experiential community’, built their dwellings and lived in tribes. (more)

nimbin soundtrails


  1. Download the Soundtrail app
  2. Select Northern Rivers
  3. Download the Nimbin Soundtrail
  4. Put on your headphones and start walking.
  5. Walk in and out of stories as you follow the map on-screen. GPS will track your location.

Safety Warning (more)

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