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The Terania Creek Protest :: David Kemp, Michael Murphy, High Nicholson, Paul Tait & Jeni Kendall

16 Feb - 7 Apr 2019

10am - 4pm
Free Event
Lismore Regional Gallery
11 Rural St, Lismore
02 6627 4600

Official opening: 6pm Fri 15 Feb 2019

In 1979 Terania Creek became the focus of a landmark environmental protest. People formed a human shield to protect an environmental wonder. The protest represented the first time the presence of protesters challenged the government’s authority over forests and stopped a logging operation.

The Terania Creek Protest made headlines all around Australia. David Kemp, a keen amateur photographer, was recently arrived in this area and captivated by the beauty of the Terania forest, but appalled at the possibility of it being lost. He was determined to join the protest with his young family. His photographs, and the others in this exhibition, are among the few surviving images from this historical event and act as a time capsule for remembering it.

This exhibition will include photographs, archival material (such as signs and banners) and music generated to protect the rainforest at Terania Creek.

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